Webinar: Capitalising from clean energy: finding the right on-site solution

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On site energy centres can provide long-term cost and carbon savings, sheltering large energy users from rising energy costs and boosting sustainability through low carbon generation. Industrial sites and commercial property infrastructure are playing an increasing role in the decentralised energy system but technology is rapidly evolving, and no one solution suits all users. Businesses face a myriad of choices, from on-site heat and power generation and waste heat recovery to peaking plant to provide export services.

In this webinar, Stuart Reid and Mark Tarry from AMP Clean Energy will explain how businesses can still benefit from the transition to decentralised energy, despite a changing subsidy environment.

The webinar will consider what options are available to businesses looking to explore a switch to on-site generation, from choosing the best low carbon technology for your site’s needs to overcoming financial obstacles to secure investment.

You’ll also hear real-life examples of how the installation of an on-site peaking plant is helping a commercial property developer attract new tenants and how award-winning British grower Villa Nursery’s CHP plant has reduced their gas spend by £200,000 per annum, and the rewards they have reaped since its installation in 2017.

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About AMP Clean Energy

AMP Clean Energy provides businesses with low-carbon heat and power solutions, with significant funding available to invest over the next five years in low carbon and clean tech energy projects. With investment in over 120 low carbon assets, their tailored solutions for high volume heat and electricity users provide long-term cost and carbon savings through fully financed, turnkey solutions.


• Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Projects), AMP Clean Energy
• Mark Tarry, Chief Financial Officer, AMP Clean Energy
• Case studies: Villa Nursery & Centric Power

Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Projects) AMP Clean Energy

Stuart is passionate about renewables and low carbon technologies and how they can be deployed through distributed energy. He has led the development of AMP Clean Energy’s Industrial Clean Energy proposition, providing funding and development opportunities for intensive energy users.

Stuart is an active member of the Renewable Industry Advisory Group and has considerable experience in supporting the development of government and industry policy on renewable heat. He has specific expertise in scoping feasibility of biomass and low carbon projects and helping clients get them up and running.

Stuart was previously head of sales and marketing at HWEnergy and a board director at Scottish Renewables. He also has a keen interest in social housing and is treasurer of the Lochaber Housing Association.

Mark Tarry, Chief Financial Officer, AMP Clean Energy

Mark heads up AMP Clean Energy’s market-leading and rapidly growing Urban Reserve division, which develops small gas-fired peaking plants which provide on-demand energy where and when it is needed most. Mark also leads on the relevant relationships with government departments such as BEIS as well as Ofgem.

Mark joined the then AMP Limited in 2011 to create and develop project opportunities before taking on the role of CFO in May 2014. Mark previously worked at Canopy Capital and Barclays Capital where he focused on fixed income transactions.

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