Nottingham Council gushes about potential savings with self-supply water licence

The council’s Energy Services team will take over responsibility for its water services from 14th August

Big Zero Report 2022

Nottingham City Council hopes to create savings worth an estimated £64,000 a year after being granted a self-supply water licence.

The move will see the council’s Energy Services team taking over responsibility for its water services from 14th August, when the official switchover takes place.

This will allow the council to run its water services in-house, with the aim of reducing operating costs and increase resource efficiency.

The team is also launching a Water Efficiency Loan Scheme (WELS) to invest in projects across the council’s buildings to further increase savings of around 10% a year on its annual water spend.

Deputy Leader Councillor Sally Longford said: “Becoming a water self-supplier is an exciting next step for us as we seek to further reduce costs through innovative resource efficiency across our own estate.

“As a large consumer of water, we are looking forward to having more control over this vital resource and will be looking for ways to use water more efficiently to lower costs and improve our environmental performance. We can streamline the service, cut out the margin that goes to others in the supply chain and plough the savings back into further resource efficiency projects.”

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