Wales’ first electric bus hits Newport

It is one of 15 zero emission single deck buses ordered by Newport Transport, which are expected to be rolled out next year

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The first electric bus in Wales has hit the roads in Newport this week.

Newport Transport welcomed the arrival of its fully electric bus, which will go into service around the city later this month.

It is one of 15 zero emission single deck buses ordered by the company, which are expected to be rolled out next year.

The bus can travel around 116 miles on a single charge, which is believed to be more than enough for a day’s driving.

The project – along with those in Cardiff and Caerphilly – has been supported by the UK Government through a grant scheme to support its low carbon vehicle ambitions.

Scott Pearson, Managing Director of Newport Transport said: “With the next 14 due to arrive in the first quarter of 2020, they will be a fantastic contribution to our fleet and will provide the people of Newport with an environmentally clean option for travel in and around the city.”

Steven Meersman, Co-founder of Zenobe Energy, which is working with Newport Transport on the project added: “Not only will the vehicles be more efficient, lowering costs for Newport Transport in the long-term but they’ll also support the UK wide ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050.

“With Zenobe’s financing and infrastructure an option now for companies wishing to go electric with their transport fleets, we hope others will see how well this partnership model works – where Zenobe can both supply the batteries on the vehicle and the supporting infrastructure avoiding grid upgrades.”

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