David Attenborough: We should listen closely to citizens’ climate assembly

The 110 members of the public have been chosen to take part in the Climate Assembly UK, with the first meeting taking place in Birmingham today

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Sir David Attenborough is urging everyone to listen closely to the recommendations of the first UK-wide citizens’ assembly on climate change.

He will be addressing the 110 members of the public – who are taking part in the Climate Assembly in Birmingham today – to express gratitude to them for giving their time to take part and give his reflections on climate change.

The members, who have been selected to represent the UK’s population, will give up four weekends between January and March 2020 to discuss questions around how the UK can meet the government’s legally binding target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Assembly members will hear expert evidence and deliberate on a wide range of topics such as transport, energy use in the home, agriculture and consumer choices.

In a video message ahead of his appearance, Sir David said: “I am grateful to the 110 people from all corners of the United Kingdom who are giving up their weekends to take part in this very important discussion of how we in the UK reach our net zero emissions target.

“These people have been picked to represent our population as a whole, they come from all walks of life and together they will deliberate carefully on behalf of us all. We should listen closely to their recommendations.”


A report will be presented to Parliament in April 2020.

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