Stark customers reduce energy use by 50% more than the average business in lockdown

Stark, a leading provider of energy data and analytics services, has announced that Stark customers have reduced their energy use by 50% more than the average business in lockdown, saving nearly £750,000 a day more in aggregate than the industry average.

At a national level, National Grid data [1] shows non-domestic electricity demand during the first month of lockdown (March 25th – April 17th) falling by 19.6% compared to the same period in 2019.[1]

Analysis by Stark’s team of data scientists showed Stark customers had reduced their electricity consumption by a staggering 29.5% during this period, thanks to Stark’s superior data and analytics tools.[1]

In total, Stark customers are saving nearly £750,000 every day more than the average for UK businesses during lockdown. £16.5 million[2] of electricity spend has been saved collectively by Stark customers during the first 22 days of lockdown alone.

Figure 1 – Stark customers compared to National Average

Image: Stark

How did Stark customers achieve a 29.5% reduction compared to the national average of 19.6%?Data and Stark ID

All Stark customers benefit from industry leading data quality and access to Stark ID. Stark’s flagship analytics service.

Great data and access to Stark ID during the lockdown has empowered Stark’s customers to take even greater control of their energy, with access to features such as:

Ability to set automatic alerts on all their sites for complete visibility.

Option to upload updated occupancy parameters into Stark ID to monitor buildings that are empty.

Run time of use reports (ToU) to make sure nothing was left on.

Identifying and monitoring baseload, ensuring energy bills remain as low as possible while sites are unoccupied.

Access to unlimited accounts allowing everyone to contribute, even from home.


Stark has been running free webinars for all their Stark customers with record breaking numbers of attendees. All our previous webinars are available to watch at any time.


Since lockdown started, all of Stark’s office-based teams have been working remotely and on hand to assist their customers.

About Stark

We are an energy data and analytics company and we empower our customers to better manage energy.

Founded in 1981, we provide multi-utility data, analytics and metering services to almost 30,000 UK organisations, processing almost 18% of the UK’s electricity data, every day.

Our latest analytics platform, Stark ID, is both intuitive and powerful, and able to meet the demands of today’s energy professional. Launched in 2019, It is already one of the most widely used in the UK by energy professionals.

[1] Calculated by taking National Grid National Demand Data (, for the period under review and allocating demand to non-domestic sectors (70.1%) following BEIS analysis (, further assuming a 5% uplift in domestic consumption post lockdown  
[2] Assuming electricity costs of 11p per kWh.

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