Stark customers reduce energy use by 50% more than the average business in lockdown

Stark, a leading provider of energy data and analytics services, has announced that Stark customers have reduced their energy use by 50% more than the average business in lockdown, saving nearly £750,000 a day more in aggregate than the industry average.

South Africa joins IEA as association country

It opens new opportunities to jointly work towards a more sustainable and secure energy future for Africa and the world

Denmark launches online open energy data hub

A new online portal which gives open access to Denmark’s energy data has been launched. The Energy Data Service will share near real-time aggregated energy consumption data for all Danish municipalities as well as CO2 emissions, energy production and the electricity market. The Danish Government and state-owned gas and electricity operator Energinet hope the new […]

SIM-ple! Sim card swap for business energy data

A tech firm is claiming the humble SIM card has cracked the ability for businesses to switch the telecoms provider of its energy data – the same way mobile phone consumers can switch networks. Be it smart meters, substations or transformers, hardware often has SIM cards to collect data remotely. Firms are currently unable to […]

Guest Blog: Jaz Rabadia – Make energy data your own – just like I did!

You made it your own – it’s a phrase now parroted by TV talent show judges. But we can do the same with the masses of information we collect as energy managers. If I could give one piece of advice on building an energy management strategy it would be that the detail is in the […]