Achieve energy efficiency in your business by identifying where energy is wasted

Identify the areas in your business where energy efficiency can be improved by adopting these five energy saving techniques

Reducing energy costs and using energy more efficiently is on the top of mind of every commercial building owner, operator or facility manager. According to a report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on average, U.S. commercial buildings waste 30% of the energy they use. Additionally, ENERGY STAR®, a voluntary program launched by the EPA, states that it’s often possible to reduce energy use by as much as 10% with little or no cost. And that’s without overhauling processes or doing renovation!

Identify the energy inefficiencies in your organisation

There are many solutions available that can help with identifying energy wastage and often it’s the simplest adjustments that can yield significant savings. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting typically account for three quarters of a building’s energy use. Focusing on elements like adjusting lighting systems, using automation and retro commissioning, can provide some easy wins to reduce overall energy consumption and use energy more efficiently.

Monitoring your building’s energy consumption, identifying these wasters and implementing energy savings techniques is an essential process to ensure building operations run as efficiently as possible. eSight Energy has produced this eBook – 5 Techniques to combat energy wasters – outlining the key strategies to identify and address the most common and often unnoticed energy wasters in your building.

Achieving energy efficiency is a constant challenge as businesses attempt to reduce energy consumption and drive down costs. You can download your free copy of our eBook and reduce energy wastage and save on energy costs today.

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