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Net Zero Leaders. This category is sponsored by SSE Business Energy

About SSE Business Energy

At SSE Business Energy we are committed to helping our partners and customers succeed in a low-carbon world. We are uniquely positioned to provide green solutions as part of the SSE Group – with the largest renewable energy capacity across the UK and Ireland. We leverage these assets to ensure our partners and customers can benefit from a range of renewable energy options, including 100% renewable SSE Green Electricity.

We are proud to help you and your customers grow sustainably in a greener world, sharing the advice, products and services we’ve developed as we progress on our own journey. ​Our mutual customers can benefit from our new generation smart meters, a free energy data visualisation tool to help them understand and reduce their energy usage, plus our Virtual Power Plant to manage how they consume and generate energy. ​

SSE is committed to helping the UK achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and we’ve set 2030 goals to cut our carbon intensity by 60%, treble our renewable energy output and help accommodate 10m electric vehicles. We also continue to champion paying Fair Tax and the real Living Wage. We recognise that our people are our greatest assets and that’s why our people plan is focussed on attracting, retaining, recognising and developing diverse and engaged teams, to enable us to best support our customers on their net zero journeys.

Through advances in renewable energy, technology and data, we can help you and your customers grow a sustainable business on a sustainable planet.

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