‘More then 350,000 UK homes will be fitted with EV chargers by 2025’

The projected one million EVs registrations by 2025 are forecast to bring an inevitable spike in the number of home chargers, according to a report

Big Zero Report 2022

More than 350,000 homes across the UK will be fitted with electric vehicle (EV) chargers by 2025.

That’s the forecast by the manufacturer of EV charging points Andersen, which analysed sales trends and has found 362,270 charging wall boxes could be installed in UK driveways and garages in the next five years based on current installation rates.

Recent reports estimate one million EVs will be registered on UK roads by 2025, bringing an inevitable spike in the number of home chargers.

Jerome Faissat, CEO of Andersen, said: “Over the past three months, pollution has fallen in our cities and we’ve enjoyed the cleanest air we’ve had in decades and it’s inspired many to rethink the way they get around.

“We’re seeing people vote with their feet as they make the switch to an electric car, bike or scooter.”

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