Shell CCS facility soaks up five million tonnes of CO2

The oil giant says this was achieved in less than five years of the plant’s operations and it is equivalent to the annual emissions from about 1.25m cars

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A carbon capture storage (CCS) facility owned by Royal Dutch Shell PLC subsidiary Shell Canada has announced it has reached a milestone of having absorbed five million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The energy giant says the plant, which claims to be the ‘world’s first’ commercial-scale CCS facility applied to oil sands operations, has achieved this in less than five years.

It is also thought to be equivalent to the annual emissions from about 1.25 million cars.

Michael Crothers, President and Country Chair, Shell Canada, said: “Widespread adoption of CCS is one of the key solutions the world needs right now to help solve the climate challenge. In its fifth year operating, Quest continues to be a thriving example of how carbon capture and storage is working, showing it can make a significant contribution to lowering carbon dioxide emissions and at a lower cost than anticipated.“

The plant is operated by Shell on behalf of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project.

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