Almost 21% of business owners are ‘unaware of who is their current energy supplier’

UK businesses could be overpaying on their electricity bill by as much as 44%, according to a new report

Almost one-in-five business owners in the UK don’t know who their current energy supplier is.

That’s according to a new report by Yü Energy, which suggests businesses could be overpaying on their electricity bill by as much as 44% and their gas by up to 65%. 

The findings of the survey of 500 business owners also show more than a quarter are unaware of what energy tariff they are on or when their current contract is up for renewal.

Nearly 40% of business owners also admit the last time they changed energy provider was three years ago. 

Simon Smith, Director Sales and Marketing at Yü Energy, said: “As businesses head into one of the toughest winters they have been faced with, implementing energy cost-saving factors such as switching unused devices off, installing smart meters and switching energy providers could be the simplest solutions to reducing hefty winter energy bills.”

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