Winds of change for energy prices across Europe…

Our latest European Market podcast on electricity and gas commodity prices sees the extensive development of renewables across Europe and with it a wind of change for generation sources and prices.

In this episode of the Resonance podcast, you will learn:

  • Update on the development on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline
  • How demand for gas will change in the transition to a lower carbon economy across Europe
  • The plan for renewables and its impact
  • The likely impact on power prices in Poland
  • What the anticipated heatwave means for summer prices
  • Cross border activity, it’s impact on prices and does it mean convergence?
  • High volatility in markets and signs of recovery with indicators such as oil, but is there value in markets if you know where to look?
  • Carbon remains a price driver

For the details of the discussion, listen to the podcast episode.

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