Can blockchain technology help trace plastic waste?

TotalEnergies has partnered with Circulor and Recycling Technologies to develop a traceability solution for recycled plastic waste

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TotalEnergies has partnered with sustainable supply chain provider Circulor and Recycling Technologies to develop a blockchain-enabled technology that will trace recycled plastic waste.

The TRACKCYCLE project aims to provide a record of recycled materials, from waste sourcing up to the use of recycled polymers in new production streams.

The technology is expected to help the polymers industry improve transparency over the origin and the quality of the materials entering and exiting their facilities.

Valérie Goff, Senior Vice President Polymers at TotalEnergies, highlighted: This collaboration with Circulor and Recycling Technologies is an excellent example of innovation to develop more traceable recycled polymers.

“It reinforces our commitment to move advanced recycling forward and contributes to our ambition of producing 30% recycled and renewable polymers by 2030.”

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