New circular fund targeting plastic waste aims to raise $500m

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste said the fund will help remove plastic waste from the environment, increase recycling and drive the global transition towards a circular economy for the plastic value chain

UK plastic waste to be counted by thousands of Britons

A campaign will help households measure their plastic footprint

BBC makes £300k from plastic toys despite net zero pledge

The company has committed to reaching net zero by 2030 but continues to produce magazines with plastic ‘freebies’

Could enzymes’ appetites be the solution to plastic waste?

Upcycling could be the answer to plastics that can’t be recycled

Aldi commits to selling only plastic-free wipes

The UK supermarket set to only offer biodegradable wipes

Manchester City to kick plastic waste out of football

Ahead of this weekend’s game, the Etihad Stadium has been fitted with new plastic recycling pods

Could you be driving over your baby’s used nappies?

Used nappies are being repurposed for a road resurfacing project in Wales

Ready for plastic waste-powered flights?

Virgin Atlantic partners with a company that will convert plastic waste to lower carbon jet fuel

LEGO pieces still washing up on Cornish beaches 25 years later

In 1997 millions of LEGO figures spilled into the sea from a container ship, Tracey Williams has been documenting the legacy of all that plastic

Clean Oceans Initiative doubles commitment to €4bn by 2025

It supports projects that reduce discharge of plastics, micro-plastics and other litter to the oceans through improved management of solid waste, wastewater and storm water