Urgent call for eco-friendly habits amidst escalating climate crisis

As the world grapples with soaring temperatures and environmental challenges, individuals are urged to adopt eco-friendly habits to address climate change

Kim Kardashian’s ‘nipple bra’ promo slammed for climate crisis mockery

Greenpeace UK has accused Kim Kardashian of using the climate crisis as a punchline in her lingerie promotional video, describing it as an “obvious case of greenwashing”

New York state files lawsuit against PepsiCo for alleged plastic pollution

New York state is suing PepsiCo, alleging its role in plastic pollution along Buffalo River, with the company identified as a major contributor

UK mulls ban on plastic wet wipes

The government has launched a consultation aimed at banning wet wipes containing plastic across the UK

Lego drops plan for bricks from recycled bottles

The toy manufacturer has abandoned its project to create bricks from recycled plastic bottles, citing concerns that it would result in higher carbon emissions compared to traditional oil-based plastic

EU launches €466m green economy initiative in the Philippines

The Team Europe Initiative on Green Economy will develop an industry-led alternative model to the current plastic waste management approach and a circular economy policy

Wipeout! England to ban almost all wet wipes

Next year, a ban is set to be implemented, but critics argue that this is not the first time the government has promised to tackle the issue of wet wipes

Fukushima now turning rice into low carbon plastic?

The rice that cannot be consumed is being used as plastic by businesses across Japan

Britons to get cash to return plastic bottles

The government has given the go-ahead to the deposit return scheme to tackle plastic waste

Single-use plates and forks to be banned in England

The move could come before the end of 2023