End of plastic tree guards for good!

Woodland Trust has pledged to phase out tree plastic guards to make planting more sustainable

UK’s plastic waste sidetracked!

The British operator of rail infrastructure has unveiled the ‘UK’s first’ recycled plastic railway sleepers

Plastic waste gets a vanilla flavour!

Scientists have developed a method to upcycle PET plastic into vanillin, a flavour compound used in the food and cosmetic industries

Fast fashion and online shopping fill wardrobes with plastics

Almost half of the clothes listed on fast fashion websites are wholly produced from new petrochemicals, according to a new research

Plans for UAE’s ‘first’ waste to hydrogen project unveiled

Environmental management company Bee’ah has teamed up with UK technology company Chinook Sciences for the project, which includes a generation plant and a green hydrogen vehicle fuelling station

US invests $14.5m to combat plastic waste and pollution

The funding will be used for research and development to cut waste and reduce the energy used to produce and recycle single-use plastics such as plastic bags, wraps and films

New competition offers £7m for sustainable plastic packaging

It is seeking ‘ambitious and bold’ projects that focus on solving well-known issues with the sustainability of plastic packaging, with the aim of driving a shift towards a circular economy solution

Plastic bags now cost 10p

The new plastic bag charge will be extended to all retailers for the first time

Washington signs historic climate legislation into law

Governor Jay Inslee signed the Climate Commitment Act, which will cap and reduce pollution and create revenue for climate investments to help the state accelerate the transition to a clean energy infrastructure and economy

UK ‘dumped 210k tonnes of plastic waste in Turkey last year’

More than half of the UK’s acclaimed ‘recycled’ plastic waste is allegedly sent overseas