While gas wholesale cost falls to double digits, the pressure is still on across Europe

In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Dr Petra Puskarova about the continued impact of gas prices on European energy markets.

Topics explored include:

  • Gas prices fall into double digit figures, but the pressure is still on due to demand on storage replenishment
  • Volatility and increased risk highlighted by cut off of gas supplies to Poland, however compromise over payment to Russia by major European states appears to have been reached
  • Power generation sees French nuclear fleet being the major risk for the summer 22 period, and carbon prices are picking up again
  • Increased fossil fuels like coal will support carbon prices while Europe seeks gas supplies to replace Russian gas in the short term
  • A mixed approach to nuclear phase out in the face of the current situation sees some European nations consider postponing the phase out of existing plant while the region tackles the challenges of security of supply and cost of energy
  • Measures European nations are taking to assist with higher costs and security of supply and what that means for decarbonisation and future costs

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