Energy bills dries up Aberdeen swimming pool

The closure is due to “unprecedented” and “unsustainable” rises in energy costs, Sport Aberdeen has said

A charity in Aberdeen has announced it will temporarily close its swimming pool due to rising energy costs.

Sport Aberdeen said if energy pressures ease the pool might reopen next spring.

A recent survey by the not-for-profit body ukactive found that nine-in-ten public pool operators planned to reduce their services in the next six months due to rising energy costs.

Sport Aberdeen Managing Director Alistair Robertson said: “Sadly, the company is facing unprecedented and unsustainable rises in energy costs which are approaching £0.5million and the board had to take action to protect the rest of our network of sports centres and swimming pools.

“It is widely known that the flume slides and wave machine features have continually failed to the point that they are no longer operable.”

“Leisure operators throughout the UK are facing a crisis with many swimming pools closing because of rising energy costs.

Councillor Alex Nicoll, Co-Leader of Aberdeen City Council, commented: “We fully appreciate the pressures facing Sport Aberdeen and everyone else who runs swimming pools across the city. We understand that this is a pragmatic decision in exceptional times.”

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