Permit granted to operate Northacre energy from waste facility in Wiltshire

The £200m proposed project is expected to process around 243,000 tonnes of waste per year

Big Zero Report 2022

The Environment Agency (EA) has approved the environmental permit needed to operate the Northacre energy from waste (EfW) facility in Wiltshire.

The £200 million proposed project, which is expected to process around 243,000 tonnes of waste per year, will be developed by Northacre Renewable Energy Limited (NREL), jointly owned by Bioenergy Infrastructure Group and The Hills Group.

According to the company, the EA has ruled that NREL has effectively demonstrated the Northacre facility can be operated to meet the required standards and “has the appropriate measures in place to operate the facility, without causing harm to the environment or human health”.

The EA has set conditions for the permit which the Northacre facility will be required to comply with – but which will also be subject to review and revision – in line with changing legislation or industry requirements, during the lifetime of the facility.

Alex Young, Director of Northacre Renewable Energy said: “NREL welcome the decision from the EA today to issue the Environmental Permit required to operate the Northacre facility.

“We are a step closer to addressing the pressing need for a sustainable, long term solution to the region’s non-recyclable waste by reducing landfill’s contribution to climate change, whilst increasing energy security.”

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