US awards $24m to advance next-gen concentrating solar-thermal power tech

Five of the projects will focus on advancing industrial uses for this technology, specifically in the cement, hydrogen and chemicals sectors

Permit granted to operate Northacre energy from waste facility in Wiltshire

The £200m proposed project is expected to process around 243,000 tonnes of waste per year

New York to explore green hydrogen to meet decarbonisation goals

A hydrogen strategy study will be conducted to compile information and data, focusing on opportunities surrounding green hydrogen to align with existing mandates for 70% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% zero emission power by 2040

US energy tech R&D to soar higher with new Eagle supercomputer

It will be used by scientists and researchers to advance early-stage research and development

Renewables generated 13.8% of US power in 2015

Renewables generated 13.8% of total US electricity production in 2015. Green electricity also grew to 16.7% of total installed capacity during the same year, according to data released by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Its report pointed out renewable electricity accounted for 64% of new US electricity capacity additions, compared to 52% in 2014. Solar generation increased by 35.8% […]