“A small minority of businesses use software tech to do their sustainability data reporting”

Michele Garra, Chief Executive Officer of Optima Technology told Sumit Bose the data is silent until it is brought to life

Big Zero Report 2022

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A small minority of businesses globally are currently using a software solution to do their reporting for sustainability.

That’s the suggestion from Michele Garra, Chief Executive Officer of Optima Technology who spoke to the Founder of future Net Zero Sumit Bose on the sidelines of The Big Zero Show, about the role of accurate data on businesses’ efforts to reach net zero.

Ms Garra said: “What is kind of more surprising is that only 3% of them think they are actually getting the right robust data solution. That’s a lot of dissatisfaction even in the small sample that are using it.

“Brands are building sustainability strategies not just for their boards and investors but for their customers.”

The boss of the company which plays its part in bringing data solutions that are accurate and automated added that “the data is silent until we actually bring it to life.”

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