France to ‘be sued over its plan to nationalise EDF’

An association of EDF employee shareholders has said the government’s decision defies the interests of its minority shareholders

Big Zero Report 2022

A group of employee shareholders of energy company EDF has announced it will file a lawsuit against the French state over its decision to nationalise the firm.

The French Government currently holds 83.9% of the company’s capital – a few days ago, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne confirmed that the government plans to acquire 100% of EDF’s capital.

In an announcement, the association “Energie en Actions” said: “The association Energie en Actions which aims to defend the interests of employees and former employee shareholders of EDF, announces it is filing legal action against the state as the majority shareholder of EDF.”

The association explained that the government’s decision “goes against the interests of the company’s minority shareholders”.

ELN has contacted the French head office of EDF – the company did not respond before publication.

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