INEOS offers to drill fracking test well

Company says it would drill for free to prove fracking can work safely in the UK following PM’s speech

Big Zero Report 2022

INEOS has offered to drill a shale gas test well in the UK.

It follows the decision, by new Prime Minister Liz Truss, to lift the ban on fracking and explore new avenues of oil and gas exploration, to guarantee energy security.

Tom Crotty, INEOS Director said: “We are renewing our offer to the Government to drill a shale gas test well in the UK. We believe we can prove we can do it safely and without harm to the environment.”

“Shale has helped transform the energy landscape and the local communities in the US. It can do the same here in the UK.

“We have promised to invest the first 6% of the value of the gas back into the local communities. It goes without saying that the Government would also have an increased tax take.”

“The country needs gas for at least the next 30 years. It is patently obvious that we should be using our own gas instead of shipping it in from abroad.”

Greenpeace and others have said fracking would be a disaster for the UK countryside.

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