Ofgem expects Energy Price Guarantee to be breached by price cap in July

Customers’ bills are projected to be lower than the current sky-high levels in the coming months, Ofgem’s chief has said

Energy bills predicted to fall to nearly £2,200 from July

Consultants have lowered their previous estimates by £300

Fresh call for social energy tariff

Charities have warned millions could be pushed into fuel poverty in April when the Energy Price Guarantee will be reduced

Survey claims quarter of Brits borrow to pay energy bills

One-in-five people think they will need credit to get through the next three months

Energy prices to change in January – but by how much?

The government is adjusting the EPC, which will see some households’ bills go up minimally

‘Europe cutting gas faster than UK’

New research suggests the UK is lagging behind the continent in ditching natural gas

British energy supplier stops looking for extra funding

The change in the energy market circumstances has put So Energy on a stronger financial footing

‘More than 8m households will be in fuel poverty from April’

Nearly 81% of Britons plan to ration energy this winter, according to a new survey

Will the new energy price cap affect households?

Ofgem has today said the price cap is set to rise to an annual level of £4,279 in January

Ofgem to reveal new energy price cap

The energy regulator is set to announce the energy price cap level coming into play on 1st January