Officials confirm that Queen’s death will not delay energy bill freeze

It has been stated that the UK mourning period will not have an impact on the rollout of the ‘energy price guarantee’

As the UK grieves the death of Queen Elizabeth II, officials have said that the mourning period will not impact the implementation of the latest government package announced on Thursday.

Liz Truss announced that energy bills would not increase from the price cap of £2,500 for two years – Ofgem had previously set its October energy price cap at £3,549.

The Prime Minister‘s spokesman said: “The public should be reassured that the energy price guarantee will be in place for households from October 1st as planned.

“We are implementing that guarantee initially through private contracts with suppliers rather than through legislation, so this mourning period doesn’t impact that introduction.

“We are working urgently now on the wider aspects of the policy to ensure it can be delivered. As it stands, we do not believe the mourning period would impact on delivery of the policy.”

The government also announced a six-month scheme for businesses, including public sector organisations like schools that will see equivalent support over the winter.

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