Iberdrola builds Spain’s first hybrid wind-solar plant

The company has invested over €40 million in a project that integrates wind and solar energy on one site

Iberdrola is constructing the country’s first hybrid wind and solar complex in the province of Burgos.

The company is building two photovoltaic plants, which will have more than 170,000 modules and generate 41 and 33MW respectively, in the municipalities of Revilla Vallejera, Villamedianilla and Vallejera.

The new plants will enable the hybridisation of the existing 69MW BaCa – Ballestas and Casetona – wind farm, reducing the environmental impact of the projects while optimising the use of the grid.

Iberdrola is investing over €40 million (£35.3m) in this technology, which will improve its renewable resources and take advantage of existing locations.

The incorporation of solar modules will enhance the performance of existing wind facilities, guaranteeing the maximum supply of green energy authorised for each project and contributing clean and cheap energy to the electricity system.

This initiative is also predicted to boost the local economy in Castille and León, creating 360 jobs during peak construction.

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