Why are business energy users missing out on earning income from energy?

A timely blog from Louis Fairfax, Managing Director, CUB (UK) Ltd

We all know the energy network is changing with the arrival of EVs, more renewables and heat pumps, so I am sure that I don’t have to spell this out to you.

These changes have created a huge challenge that all industry sectors are currently addressing; but it is also creating massive opportunities. Most of these opportunities seem to be centred on households and organisations looking to invest in the energy sector. However, businesses are not only bearing the brunt of the increasing energy costs, they are also missing these opportunities.

One of the biggest issues facing the grid at a local and national level is balancing the power grid. The opportunities this has created are schemes such as DFS, where ESO paid energy users to turn down power when called upon during Winter 22.

Many businesses are unaware that if their meter provides reads every half an hour, they can also join such schemes! Some businesses earned over £10,000 last winter by doing so. However, most of the media coverage focuses on domestic involvement. DFS is just the tip of the iceberg, with many DNOs offering schemes during summer months as well and customers in Scotland actually getting paid use more power through LCM.

At a time when businesses are facing increases across almost all cost areas and if organisations previously lowered their electricity bill by avoiding TRIAD periods which are no longer an option, this is a huge opportunity to take part in the future of our energy network, offset increasing costs and even turn energy into a profit-making scheme.

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