Seagreen substation secures planning approval

The Seagreen 1A project is led by Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd, a joint venture between SSE Renewables and TotalEnergies

East Lothian Council’s Planning Committee has given unanimous approval to the detailed application for the Seagreen 1A substation.

The Seagreen 1A project aims to construct 36 approved offshore wind turbines adjacent to the existing Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm, necessitating a separate grid connection through the Cockenzie substation.

Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm is set to become Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm.

With 114 of the 150 consented Seagreen turbines currently installed, totalling 1.1GW in capacity, the project is in its closing stages of commissioning.

Seagreen is slated to begin commercial operations during the summer of 2023.

East Lothian Council planning officers recommended approval for the substation proposals, with no local representations against the plans.

Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd,  a partnership between SSE Renewables and TotalEnergies, oversees the Seagreen 1A project.

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