Did UK ministers skip green energy meeting amid investment worries?

The government’s reported decision to cancel a planned meeting with green energy industry leaders has raised questions

The government‘s reported cancellation of a scheduled meeting with leaders from the green energy industry has raised concerns.

The postponed meeting had intended to bring together Treasury Minister Gareth Davies and leaders from the energy industry, who were eager to discuss government support for renewable projects.

The move comes on the eve of the forthcoming announcement regarding long term funding contracts for clean energy projects, encompassing offshore wind and solar power initiatives.

Reports from POLITICO suggest growing concerns within the industry that the government’s primary scheme for investing in renewable energy (Contracts for Difference) may fall short of industry expectations.

Energy Live News has sought an official statement from the Treasury regarding this development.

Government sources emphasised¬†the government’s ongoing commitment to engaging with diverse sectors and stakeholders.

They noted that changes in ministerial schedules are not uncommon in government operations.

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