Call for ‘99% charger reliability guarantee’ in EV Charging

The new EV Charging Charter proposes clear information on charger availability, a 48-hour repair target and prominent signage for fast charger locations

A new Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Charter has been unveiled by FairCharge in partnership with the RAC, aimed at raising standards and improving the experience of charging EVs in the UK.

One of the charter’s key proposals is to provide clear and transparent information to consumers about charger availability.

This initiative aims to ensure that EV drivers can easily locate functioning chargers, reducing frustration and inconvenience.

The charter also sets a target of 48 hours for repairing out-of-service chargers.

To make charging even more accessible, the charter calls for clear signage on major roads and motorways, highlighting the locations of fast chargers.

This will help EV drivers plan their journeys more effectively, the group has said.

Accessibility is a key focus of the charter, with an emphasis on safe, well-lit charger locations that cater to all drivers, regardless of physical abilities.

The charter also addresses payment methods, advocating for faff-free payments using contactless bank and debit cards.

FairCharge Founder Quentin Willson said: “Government, operators, councils and local authorities should reflect on what these pioneering drivers of EVs have told us.

“Only by carefully listening to those who have already driven electric cars for years will this country get the charging infrastructure and EV policies to be fit for the future.”

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