SSEN’s flexible capacity skyrockets by 140%

The company has secured contracts for 202MW in its central southern England license area

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has reported a 140% increase in its flexible energy capacity.

This rise represents a notable expansion in the availability of flexible energy options compared to previous procurement rounds.

Following its flexibility tender in September 2022, SSEN has collaborated with five flexibility service providers, resulting in a series of flexibility contracts spanning from 2023 to 2028.

These contracts cover a capacity of 202MW across 16 areas within its central southern England license area.

Electricity demand is expected to grow by at least 50% by 2035, emphasising the need for an adaptable energy system.

Flexibility involves adjusting the timing or location of electricity generation, storage, or consumption as required.

Catherine Winning, Flexibility Manager at SSEN said: “We are delighted to secure these flexibility services, supporting our ambitious targets to accelerate to a net zero future.

“This is a vital part of our journey for flexibility services, and it’s encouraging to see an increase in response from flexibility providers for September’s tender.”

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