Electric drones soar above North Sea oil rigs

Skyports Drone Services and Equinor have joined forces for a two-month trial of electric drone deliveries to oil installations in the North Sea

Energy giant Equinor has joined forces with Skyports Drone Services for a two-month project to trial electric drone deliveries to North Sea oil rigs.

The initiative aims to showcase the potential of on-demand cargo drone services in addressing logistical challenges and enhancing safety and sustainability in offshore operations.

Launched in early September, this project marks the first time that daily on-demand drone services have been conducted offshore, operated remotely from the shore.

The highly automated cargo drones, provided by Swoop Aero, can cover distances of up to 114 kilometres.

During the trial, they will transport cargo between Equinor’s processing centre in Mongstad, Norway and three installations in the Gullfaks oil field in the North Sea.

The cargo includes spare parts, equipment and care packages.

Alex Brown, Director of Skyports Drone Services, said: “We are currently exploring how we can expand this groundbreaking work into adjacent sectors such as offshore wind and ship resupply.”

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