UK gas demand reaches 2021 high amid sudden cold snap

UK gas demand surged to its highest level since February, driven by cooler temperatures and expectations of lower energy prices this winter

On Monday, the 16th of October, UK gas demand reached a peak of 135.175 million cubic metres, marking the highest demand for the month of October since 2021.

Experts say this sudden surge can be attributed to a warmer-than-usual start to the heating season, followed by a sharp drop in daily temperatures to 7.3°C.

This temperature drop prompted many households to increase their heating usage.

Wayne Bryan, Director of Gas Research at LSEG, said: “Yesterday (Monday 16th October), UK gas demand hit a peak of 135.175MCM (million cubic metres) – the largest since February this year and the largest in October since 2021.

“The jump in demand was almost certainly due to the warmer than usual start to the heating season, followed by a big drop to a below average daily temperature of 7.3C which prompted many to dust off their thermostats.

“The strong likelihood of lower energy prices in the residential sector this winter compared to last also impacted the ramp-up. However, we can still expect consumer behaviour towards energy saving measures to still be present this winter but not at the levels observed last winter.”

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