How will heat pumps help the UK reach Net Zero?

The Government is keen on heat pumps for new builds, but to be effective, they rely on the best insulation or the heat isn’t retained and the fuel costs are exorbitant – hence the focus on new housing stock.

Energy firms ‘urge government to ditch green taxes this winter’

Energy bills could further increase by an estimated £150 as a result of the taxes

UK’s boilers ’emit more than twice the CO2 of all gas-fired power stations’

Domestic gas boilers produce more than eight times as much nitrogen oxide as the UK’s power plants

‘Government installs nearly 6% of the heat pumps needed for net zero’

The Institute for Public Policy Research calls on the government to spend £6 billion a year in green measures to reach its decarbonisation targets

UK’s low carbon heat warms up with £270m boost

The new heat network funding will only support low carbon technologies, including heat pumps

Grants of £7k ‘to be offered to households to ditch gas boilers’

A new £400m scrappage scheme will reportedly launch soon to encourage households to replace their boilers with low carbon heat pumps

Earth to heat up London’s Square Mile!

A heat pump will be installed in the heart of London to draw from the natural warmth of the Earth as well as recycle waste heat from power generation

Give free heat pumps to poorer households, consortium says

The group, which includes major energy companies and trade associations, proposes a ‘Fair Heat Deal’ to make clean heating affordable to all

Are electricity bills going to be slashed to help the drive to ditch gas boilers?

The government is reportedly considering a greener plan to encourage more people warm their homes with low carbon heat

Demand for heat pumps ‘skyrockets 28% in 2021’

Almost 57% of Brits want to be more eco-friendly, according to a new report