E-bike fire prompts safety warning ahead of Christmas

A house fire in Hackney, attributed to an e-bike battery failure, has prompted the London Fire Brigade to issue a safety warning

A serious house fire in Hackney believed to be caused by an e-bike battery failure, has left a woman critically injured after jumping from a window to escape.

The blaze destroyed most of the three-story house, prompting the London Fire Brigade to issue a warning regarding e-bike safety.

Assistant Commissioner Charlie Pugsley urged owners not to store or charge e-bikes in escape routes, emphasising the ferocity and rapid spread of lithium battery fires.

The incident follows a recent e-bike battery fire in Harringay, contributing to a concerning trend, with 150 e-bike and 28 e-scooter fires in 2023 – a 53% increase from 2022.

The Brigade urges caution in e-bike purchases, advocating for reputable sellers and proper usage to mitigate fire risks.

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