One-in-four councils struggle with energy standards in rentals

A new report indicates that 25% of English councils are not enforcing legal energy efficiency standards for private rentals

Nearly a quarter of English councils are encountering difficulties enforcing energy efficiency standards in private rentals.

Out of around 60 local authorities surveyed, only 39% are actively enforcing the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulations, leaving potential gaps in ensuring homes meet required standards.

The Association of Decentralised Energy’s ACE Research underscores the need for increased funding and improved training for council officers to effectively address energy-related concerns in rental housing.

The report also highlights the presence of 1,192,000 private renters in fuel poverty, emphasising the importance of collaborative efforts and additional resources to ensure energy-efficient and comfortable homes for all.

Steph Hacker, Senior Researcher at ACE Research and one of the project authors, commented: “Our findings indicate that local authorities face significant challenges in effectively enforcing MEES regulations and promoting energy efficiency.

“The lack of resources and low penalties have already badly hindered progress in some areas.”

Matt Copeland, Head of Policy at fuel poverty charity National Energy Action, added: “Private renters have struggled most through the energy crisis, spending £2 billion more a year as a whole.”

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