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Two thirds of Brits demand utility support for struggling billpayers

Nearly 18% of UK consumers are currently struggling to keep on top of changes in their regular payments, including increases in monthly utilities bills

A recent study has unveiled that a significant portion of Britons are seeking increased support from their utilities providers as they grapple with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Findings indicate that 66% of UK consumers believe utilities companies should do more to support customers struggling with bill payments.

The Tink survey of 2,000 UK residents highlights a growing demand for more transparent management of monthly utility bills.

The study highlights a notable trend among consumers, with 51% expressing a desire for more flexibility in determining the timing and method of their utility bill payments.

Moreover, a substantial 21% of respondents indicate a willingness to switch providers if offered the option to adjust their monthly payment amounts.

Additionally, 18% of those surveyed report difficulties keeping up with changes in their regular payments, with some falling into debt collection processes as a result.

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