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EDF launches tariff £350 below energy price cap

EDF has launched a fixed-rate tariff at £1,581 per year, £350 below the current cap

EDF has unveiled a new fixed-rate tariff priced at £1,581 per year, presenting potential savings for energy consumers.

A fixed-rate energy tariff ensures that the unit rates and standing charges for gas and electricity remain constant for a specified duration, shielding customers from any increases in energy prices.

This tariff is £350 below the current cap.

The energy price cap sets the upper limit on what energy suppliers can charge customers for each unit of energy and standing charge under a standard variable tariff.

From 1st April to 30th June, the energy price cap is fixed at £1,690 per year for a typical household using both electricity and gas and paying via direct debit.

Available for a 12-month term, existing EDF customers can directly access the deal, while others can sign up through Uswitch.

The tariff includes an exit penalty of £75 per fuel for switching to a rival supplier within the term, although this does not apply for transitions to another EDF fixed tariff.

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