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Doubt cast on Scotland’s 2030 climate targets

The Climate Change Committee raises concerns over Scotland's ability to meet its 2030 emission reduction goals due to missed targets and delayed plans, urging urgent action and effective policies

The Climate Change Committee has raised concerns over Scotland‘s ability to meet its statutory 2030 emission reduction targets, citing missed annual targets, delayed publication of climate change plans and inadequate policies.

Despite acknowledging some progress, such as bold proposals in the Heat in Buildings consultation, the committee warns that the required acceleration in emissions reduction is not credible.

Urgent action is needed, including the timely publication of the Climate Change Plan and implementation of effective policies across sectors like transport, buildings and agriculture.

Scottish Renewables urges collaborative efforts with industry stakeholders to maintain investor confidence and achieve Scotland’s net zero goals.

Morag Watson, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables, said: “The renewable energy industry is already doing much of the heavy lifting in reducing Scotland’s carbon dioxide emissions.

“Indeed, the Climate Change Committee points out that electricity supply was one of only two sectors to reduce emissions in 2021.

“This warning will damage the confidence of international investors at a time when we need their help to build out the renewable energy projects which will to secure our energy supplies, tackle climate change and deliver social and economic growth across Scotland.

“Time is running out for Scotland’s 2030 goals.”

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