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Renewable energy giants join forces for Celtic Sea wind farm

EDF Renewables UK, ESB and Reventus Power have collaborated on Gwynt Glas Floating Offshore Wind Farm in the Celtic Sea, aiming to boost clean energy production

EDF Renewables UK, Irish company ESB and global investor Reventus Power have formed a partnership to develop the Gwynt Glas Floating Offshore Wind Farm in the Celtic Sea.

Each entity is set to hold an equal 33.33% share in the project.

With DP Energy also remaining as a development partner, the project is poised to leverage local expertise for maximum impact.

The consortium’s participation in The Crown Estate‘s Leasing Round 5 underscores their commitment to advancing offshore wind projects.

Matthieu Hue Chief Executive Officer of EDF Renewables UK said: “We are fully committed to developing Gwynt Glas Floating Offshore Wind Farm and look forward to delivering clean energy, supporting skilled jobs and boosting local economies.”

Jim Dollard, Executive Director, Generation Trading at ESB said: “As ESB drives towards its net zero by 2040 target, it is recognised that offshore wind will be a crucial contributor to that goal.

“Floating offshore wind in particular has the potential to really turn the dial, not just here in the UK but also in Ireland where we have one of the best floating offshore wind resources in the world.”

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