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UK proposes new measures for cheaper energy deals

Proposed measures seek to empower consumers to access more affordable energy deals while ensuring grid stability, potentially saving up to £50 billion

The government has announced proposed measures aimed at providing consumers with greater access to cost-effective energy deals while bolstering cybersecurity and grid stability.

The measures, part of a wider plan to modernise the energy system, aim to create a smarter, more flexible electricity network.

Key highlights include minimum standards for cyber security and grid stability, as well as product standards for energy smart appliances.

The proposed standards for smart energy service providers aim to ensure fair treatment for consumers and prevent mis-selling practices.

Addressing compatibility issues, the plans mandate that appliances like electric vehicle smart charge points and smart heat pumps work with any supplier or tariff, facilitating consumer access to the best deals.

These initiatives are anticipated to result in significant savings of up to £50 billion and the creation of numerous job opportunities.

Sarah Honan, Head of Policy at The Association for Decentralised Energy said: “Public participation in our energy system is not a ‘nice to have’ but an absolute imperative to reach net zero in a cost-effective and secure manner.

“Following the first consultation and the passage of the Energy Act, this publication marks another important step towards unlocking the value of demand flexibility through smart-as-standard devices and competitive customer offerings from a range of service providers.”

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