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EDF launches first heat pump tariff below price cap

EDF has introduced the heat pump tracker tariff, promising savings of at least £164 against the standard variable tariff, with additional benefits for off-peak usage

EDF has introduced the ‘UK’s first’ heat pump tariff, promising to undercut the price cap.

The heat pump tariff offers consumers guaranteed savings compared to the standard variable tariff.

The energy supplier said users of heat pumps can expect to save a minimum of £164, with the potential for greater savings by adjusting consumption to off-peak windows.

The Heat Pump Tracker tariff, developed in collaboration with CB Heating experts, offers discounted electricity for six hours daily, featuring off-peak windows from 4am to 7am and 1pm to 4pm, enabling customers to shift consumption without incurring peak rates.

The launch comes in response to recent EDF research indicating that over two-thirds of Brits seek better control over energy costs, with concerns about current heating systems, driven by rising costs (71%) and environmental impacts (40%).

EDF aims to enhance heat pump accessibility by acquiring CB Heating and offering £750 off new heat pump installations.

Philippe Commaret, EDF’s Managing Director of Customers, said: “Everyone plays a significant part in helping Britain achieve net zero which is why we’re pleased to be bringing a heat pump tariff to both new and existing customers in the market, helping them save at least £164 a year, no matter what type of heat pump technology they may have already installed in their homes.”

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