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Brits to own ‘UK’s largest’ people-powered wind farm

A massive wind farm in the Scottish Borders, set to be the largest people-owned renewable energy project in the UK, offers thousands the chance to co-own turbines and reduce bills

In the Scottish Borders, plans for the UK’s largest people-owned wind farm are underway, led by Ripple Energy.

This project allows individuals to collectively co-own a 14-turbine wind farm at Whitelaw Brae near Tweedsmuir.

Through this cooperative model, participants can access up to 100% green energy, reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.

Scheduled to commence operation in late 2026, the wind farm is projected to supply renewable energy to over 50,000 homes annually, generating around 145GWh per year.

Sarah Merrick, Chief Executive Officer of Ripple Energy, said: “It used to be that installing solar panels on your roof was the only way to own a source of clean energy and reap the financial benefits.

“Wind energy is the cheapest source of electricity in the UK, but the energy market makes it harder for ordinary people and businesses to access it.”

John Milligan, Managing Director at BayWa r.e. UK Ltd., said: “Developing onshore wind farms is essential to meeting the UK’s net zero emission targets, and it is encouraging to see the public excitement about projects such as Whitelaw Brae.”

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