‘UK’s first’ consumer-owned wind farm starts generating power

Graig Fatha wind farm has come online after securing a £2.2 million investment from more than 900 people

Public can now take piece of ‘world’s largest’ consumer-owned wind farm

Homeowners can buy a share of a new Scottish wind farm from just £25

South Wales plugs in ‘UK’s first’ ever consumer-owned wind farm

Customers spend as little as £25 to buy shares in the wind farm to cover part of their homes’ energy consumption

Nearly 73% of Brits are ‘interested in powering their home with renewable energy’

Cost is one of the biggest obstacles for people adopting green technologies says new survey

Welsh wind blows high for ‘UK’s first’ consumer-owned wind farm

The project has secured a £1.1m grant from the Welsh Government

‘First wind farm owned by its customers’ launches in the UK

The project allows consumers to own as little as £250 worth share in a scheme that could reduce their electricity bills up to 26% every year

Sunamp partners with Ripple Energy to provide clean heat and hot water

The agreement will enable users to access zero carbon hot water on demand