Heat pumps, EVs make homes ‘energy patriotic’

Embracing electric heat pumps and cars could significantly reduce Britain’s reliance on imported fuels, according to experts

Traditional insulating materials are destroying the environment, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Ehab Sayed, Founder of biotechnology company, BIOHM, who told us that fungi can completely transform ecosystems from the ground up

‘Nearly £500 wasted annually on bills due to poor insulation’

Millions of households are losing approximately £500 yearly on energy bills due to insufficient insulation, a study reveals

Thermal imaging: Heating up home energy efficiency

West Lindsey District Council is using thermal imaging cameras to find where homes are losing heat, helping to make them warmer and more energy efficient

Rising energy bills top concern for UK homeowners

A new survey of 2,000 homeowners indicates that nearly half of Brits consider rising energy bills their primary concern, prompting 39% to prioritise energy improvements to their properties

Newcastle school goes green with £4m upgrade

A school in Walkergate is undergoing eco-upgrades funded by a £4 million grant, including solar panels, heat pumps, LED lighting and insulation to reduce its carbon footprint

Energy industry reacts to NAO’s report on UK’s slow progress

The energy industry has reacted to the National Audit Office’s report on the sluggish advancement in decarbonising home heating

Energy retrofits for West Suffolk’s older homes

Tenants in West Suffolk benefit from decreased energy costs through energy efficiency upgrades in older properties

Exeter’s council homes go green

Nearly 700 council homes in Exeter have been retrofitted to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions

‘Green energy shortfall drives £1,900 increase in UK household bills’

Homes rated with lower energy performance (EPC D) and lacking proper insulation are incurring an extra expense of £320 in energy bills compared to more well-insulated homes (EPC C), according to a report