Households ‘to be offered £5,000 to ditch gas boilers’

Boris Johnsons is set to announce a 2035 ban on all new gas boilers

Insulate Britain on ELN: “This is not about our ego”

A member of Insulate Britain spoke to ELN about the disruption caused by the group’s actions and the drivers’ anger

Insulate Britain mob ignores court injunction by blocking Heathrow Airport junction

Nearly 52 people blocked the M25 in breach of the injunction granted by the High Court last Tuesday

Insulate Britain activists block Dover port after M25 chaos

Nearly 40 people have today blocked Europe’s busiest ferry port urging the government to insulate all social housing by 2025

Insulate Britain activists block M25 again

During rush hour today motorway traffic on the M25 was brought to a standstill for a second time this week

Activists block M25 junctions to protest against government’s climate change policy

Major delays were caused by the demonstrations urging the government to insulate every home in Britain by 2025

7 Tips To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

On top of rent or mortgage repayments, many of us find ourselves being left with very little once the rest of our bills and direct debits leave our bank accounts.

England’s homes ’emit more emissions than all of the country’s cars’

A new report estimates English homes emit an estimated 58.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year

UK unlocks £160m energy efficiency package for social houses

The investment is forecast to help tenants save around £170 per year on energy bills

Green Homes Grant receives the largest number of applications before its big exit

Nealy 31,000 applications were made last month for energy efficiency improvements