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Scotland ditches annual emission targets

The Scottish government has announced the abandonment of annual and interim targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, opting instead for a new system measuring emissions every five years

The Scottish Government has unveiled plans to overhaul its approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, signalling a departure from annual targets in favour of a new five-year strategy.

Energy Secretary Mairi McAllan addressed the Scottish parliament, acknowledging the challenge of meeting the 2030 net zero target and emphasising the importance of realistic and equitable climate policies.

In response to recommendations from the Climate Change Committee, expedited legislation will be introduced to address gaps in the legislative framework, ensuring alignment with long term climate objectives.

Alongside these legislative changes, the government announced a series of policies designed to reduce reliance on cars and promote sustainable transportation alternatives.

A “route map” will be published to guide efforts towards a 20% reduction in car usage, emphasising the importance of behavioural shifts in achieving climate goals.

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