Oil & gas
Equinor set to ramp up production at Johan Sverdop oil field

The field boasts a total capacity of 2.7 billion oil barrels

Tata Power commences hydro project in Georgia

The 178MW plant is expected to power the Eurasian nation throughout winter – a period of energy deficit

New Development Bank invests $100m in India

The investment hopes to drive green infrastructure and sustainable development projects in the private sector

North London Waste Authority choses Asite to provide data services to waste site

It plans to use a cloud-based data collection software to streamline waste disposal and management

Super Energy Corporation to acquire four Vietnamese solar projects

A total transaction value of $477m has been earmarked for 70% ownership of the four assets

Pod Point stalls activities amid Covid-19 pandemic

The firm states that in critical cases, exceptions would be made for emergency charges and mobility requirements

Covid-19 effect ‘will crush US gasoline demand’

Report says the impact of social distancing is already being felt on American fuel demand and EV sales

National Grid offers £500,000 aid towards Covid-19 crisis

The aid is to support the most vulnerable through two charitable trusts

Oil and gas business
US to purchase 77m crude oil barrels to support producers amid pandemic

It has initially bought 30 million crude oil barrels to place in its Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Indian power producer assures customers of uninterrupted power supply

In line with the government’s advisory, NTPC has informed its employees to follow necessary precautions and social distancing to avoid disruption in power generation