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Tootbus unveils solar-powered electric fleet

Tootbus plans to use solar panels to fully power its electric sightseeing bus fleet in London by 2029

Tootbus, the low emissions sightseeing bus company, has secured approval to install roof-mounted solar panels on their Wandsworth depot.

This collaboration with electric fleet solutions provider VEV will power the existing electric fleet with renewable energy.

The project will provide 65,000kWh of electricity annually, enabling approximately 60,000 kilometres of travel per year once the fleet is fully converted to electric power.

The solar panel installation is set for this summer, with additional infrastructure projects planned to support Tootbus’ goal of operating London’s first fully electric sightseeing bus fleet by 2029.

Tootbus, a leading operator of hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tours in London, Bath, Paris and Brussels, transitioned to HVO fuel in 2021, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%.

The latest partnership with VEV aims to power its electric vehicles and achieve fleet electrification by 2029, with two more HVO-fueled buses to be converted to electric this year.

Gavin Brooking, Managing Director at Tootbus UK, commented: “Electric vehicles have a vital role to play in supporting emission reduction efforts across the transport sector, which is responsible for the majority of air pollutants.”

Mike Nakrani, Chief Executive Officer of VEV said: “With careful charging scheduling, Tootbus can now maximise the utilisation of clean solar energy when the sun is shining, reducing its reliance on the grid during those times.”

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