Bright future for Australian solar research with $45m funding boost

The funding will extend operations of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics in conducting solar research to 2030

Australia’s AGL granted $14.84m for 50MW battery storage with grid forming capabilities

The project will demonstrate the ability of large-scale batteries to be equipped with grid forming inverters to improve system strength and facilitate higher injections of variable renewable energy generation at the lowest cost

Australia and Germany open joint hydrogen funding round

HyGATE aims to strengthen co-operation between the two countries on reducing the cost of producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources and stimulate the innovation process

Australia grants $22.8m for next-gen hydrogen service station

The New Energies Service Station will be built opposite Viva Energy’s petroleum refinery in Geelong and incorporate a 2MW electrolyser along with hydrogen compression, storage and dispensing infrastructure

Australia awards $451k to boost distributed energy in low voltage areas

The project will see eleXsys Energy demonstrate its new technology to better use distributed energy resources, such as solar and battery storage, without the need for expensive grid upgrades

Aussie firm secures $14m to automate solar array manufacturing

The 5B Maverick is a modular, pre-fabricated solar array that can be built and pre-wired in a factory and deployed rapidly in the field

Australia announces $40m to drive ultra low cost solar energy

Research projects that align with the Solar 30 30 30 target of 30% module efficiency and 30 cents per installed watt at utility scale by 2030 will be supported

Australia launches $50m fund to ramp up microgrid projects

The Regional Australia Microgrid Pilots Programme (RAMPP) aims to improve the resilience and reliability of electricity supply and demonstrate solutions to the barriers faced when deploying the technology

Could hydrogen bring us one step closer to green aluminium?

Mining group Rio Tinto has partnered with ARENA to explore whether hydrogen can replace natural gas in alumina refineries to reduce emissions

Australia injects AUD$103m into commercial-scale hydrogen projects

Projects that will benefit from this round of funding aim to build large electrolysers