‘China lifts COVID restrictions and jet fuel demand doubles’

Demand globally is set to rise by 20% year on year, a report claims

Bangladesh backs coal after renewable problems

It is increasing its reliance on coal power due to poor renewable infrastructure

Pakistan grid breakdown leads to power loss in all major cities

“A loss of frequency caused a major breakdown,” the Energy Ministry said

‘China won’t be knocked off its electric perch’

Seven out of 10 EVs will be sold in China this year, research suggests

UN: ‘Floods in Pakistan to push 42m into poverty’

This combines the impact of last year’s heavy floods and what’s predicted for 2022

Where has net zero already been reached?

There are eight countries on Earth that have supposedly already hit the environmental milestone

China opens largest energy storage station

The 200MW facility will store both wind and solar power

World burning up faster that it can recover, says Pakistan’s PM at COP27

During his speech, Shehbaz Sharif said it was “now or never” to take action

Developing nations call for climate support at COP27

“Get real” on climate action is the message to wealthier countries

OPEC+ decision will drive energy prices up, say analysts

The organisation has announced it will cut oil output by two million barrels a day