Grant Shapps ‘sympathetic’ to energy bill concerns

This is after the announcement that the price cap would fall to £3,280 from £4,279 in April

Energy Institute and MoneySavingExpert launch energy saving tool

It shows users how they can save hundreds on household appliances for free

NI homes to receive £600 to help pay energy bills

This will be delivered by the UK government, in the absence of Stormont

BEIS launches £18m energy advice campaign to help public save on energy

The campaign can help slash bills for households this winter

‘Googling help with energy bills rockets by 700%’

This is as temperatures drop but prices continue to rise

Northern Irish energy firms agree to help struggling homes

Suppliers will halve what can be taken away from a customer’s purchase of electricity or gas to cut debts

Energy storage will deliver ‘tens of billions of pounds a year’

This week’s Net Hero Podcast delves into how energy storage is being underappreciated as a key to cutting costs on our energy bills

As energy prices jump, EVs will cost more than petrol cars

Travelling electric will have a hefty impact on drivers’ pockets from October

Energy price cap to jump to £3,549

This represents an 80% increase for many households on their bills

Three-quarters of Brits want low carbon alternative to gas

Given the cost of heat pump installations, many back hydrogen as the way to decarbonise their homes