‘Googling help with energy bills rockets by 700%’

This is as temperatures drop but prices continue to rise

The number of people searching for help with their energy bills on Google has shot up by 700%.

That’s according to analysis by BOXT, which has broken down which terms have spiked in recent weeks and months – as temperatures drop and bills rise.

“Help to heat” was the most popular search, with a 5,000% increase.

This was followed by “government energy efficient scheme,” climbing by 700%, “help to heat scheme,” growing by 190% and “energy crisis grant,” which rose by 150%.

Andy Kerr, Founder at BOXT, said: “Now that December has arrived, the drop in temperatures will undoubtedly see much of the country’s worries about the cost of heating their homes be exacerbated.

“There’s a lot of information available right now about how to keep heat in the home but few tips that can lead to a big impact on savings.”

Turning down your thermostat by 1°C could save households £100 over the course of a year – and turning off your boiler is also not the right choice, as the water inside could freeze.

Those are some of the tips BOXT has provided to customers, as part of its research.

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